It's your first day on the job, and you have plenty of packages to deliver. Well... 7 specifically. Figure out who needs what package and drop them all off at their feet. Once you drop off a package, be sure to return to "" in order to get the next package. Let's hope for a great first day!


Arrow keys move

E or Q interact with people and packages

Spacebar picks up and drops packages.

Coding: MrTroy (And @Snowdrama)

Music & Graphics: MrTroy

Font: Hero Comic (@PixelProphecy)

Created for the April 2023 Ludum Dare, "Carry This:EX" is additional post jam content that didn't make it in to the root game. In order to preserve the integrity of the jam version of the game, I've uploaded a new page, so that I can add additional content to flesh out the game more. This game has additional fixes added by @Snowdrama who I am eternally grateful for.

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