This game was made in 3 hours. I lost a lot of time just playing with it as opposed to finishing it in the time frame. I hope you give it a spin and enjoy.

You have to keep the ball in the air without dropping it. As you toss it up in the air, the ball has fun and smiles. If you just keep it idle, it becomes bored. If you make it think you're going to drop it, it gets scared but it has fun cause it thinks you're really going to catch it.

So, one of the things that didn't quite make it in was the explanation of the controls. The handles are controlled using the arrow keys and WASD. I didn't have time to show that there's a maximum distance the handles can be away from each other. I think I may give this a few more hours after Monday and give her another update. The most important thing was "It was made in 3 hours". That's art, programming and music!

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