As a solo entry for the 2022 Wanna x Yam Game Jam, this is my attempt at making an easy to learn, yet hard to master, game. I attempted to keep the number of controls to a minimum, but somehow it got out of hand and I ended up using every single letter on the keyboard. Taking a lot of what I've learned from other game jams, this game is compatible with QWERTY, Dvorak, as well as AZERTY keyboards.  Unfortunately, only QWERTY has been tested. 


Bring the symbols moving across the screen together by lining them up properly without letting them pass each other. By pressing the key on the keyboard corresponding to the letter you're trying to adjust, you will move the letter either up or down. If you move too far in that direction and overshoot your target, you can hold the space bar while pressing the letter to send it either up or down, whichever direction it was not moving before.  As you successfully match up pairs, your super meter at the bottom of the screen will gain power. Once a section of the super meter has filled all the way up, you can press the backspace key to clear the screen, but make sure to use this ability wisely as it takes a bit to fill up. Try to avoid any key going off of the screen, because it will cause you to lose a life. If you lose all 3 lives, the game is over. As of now, there is no way to regain lives once you've lost them.


  • Pressing the key for the character you want to change the position of will cause it to go up (red) or down (blue) depending on which color the character is.
  • Holding the space bar will swap directions, where pressing the key will cause it to go down(red) or up(blue).
  • Pressing the backspace key will clear the screen.
  • Holding shift will slow down the up and down speeds of the keys
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Aug 13, 2022
Made withFL Studio, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


Download 34 MB

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