Hey, greetings from 2023!

I found this game in my archives, it was written in Unity 5.4 for it's web plugin. This was my Ludum Dare 35 entry. The Ludum Dare site has since been pulled down, which contained the only link to the game. I wanted to make sure you had access to it, so here we are on itch.

(Original 2017 Text)

Remove sides from every polygon attacking while avoiding them returning the favor in kind. Find the green circle to increase your sides thereby increasing your health!
Use W,A,S,D for movement
Use Arrow Keys to fire
This entry isn't quite finished as many of the special effects weren't put in (ships exploding, lighting effects).
I also just realized I never put credits in this game. :(
Sound and Music: Tim Panella
Programming and art: Troy D Patterson

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