• W/Up Arrow move forward
  • S/Down Arrow move backwards
  • A /Left Arrow strafe left
  • D/Right Arrow strafe right
  • Mouse button shoots.
  • E Interacts
  • Space jumps
  • Tab shows controls
  • Escape quit to menu


Hello friends,

If you've ever known or met me personally, you'll know I enjoy wacky humor. I had no intentions on releasing this game, but was convinced to do so. It didn't take much to convince me but- Oh! I'm rambling. Okay! This is my first time building a FPS(successfully). I'm not good at them in general, so this is going to be a little off, if you're use to them. 


So! I got sick before the jam started. I was going to bail completely, but instead I made this marvel. Yes, my voice cracks a lot in the VO... it is because I'm sick 😔I wish I could've given you the full MrTroy diva performance you all love.  The game is very short. You can play and finish it within 5 minutes, so that's a plus! 

There are no way to modify controls. I'm sorry non QWERTY people. 

I also didn't put in gamepad controls. I'm sorry gamepad people.

I'm pretty sure nobody is going to read all this so. Hi, nobody! I made this game for you! There are one or two hidden gems in this game, that I keep laughing at. You probably won't think it's as funny as I do. If you do find it funny. Let me know on 🐘


Troy's First First Person Shooter 29 MB


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first time through couldnt defeat bad guy.  gun stopped shooting .  reloaded and worked fine.  played a few more times and left the bad guy environment but there was an exit there so cool.  played with more baddies a few times.  eventually my gun stopped working again and they killed me.   

I interacted with a barrel i think and ended up in a maze.  gun ran out again.  interacted with barrels in maze but dont know if they did anything.  found exit