Updated the Urf a bit

I've been noodling around with this game a bit recently. It's perhaps hands down my favorite game I've created. I'm pretty sure I say that a lot(I think I said that with Marble Warble). So, after the Jam I've been working on it more. I've taken a lot of feedback that I got in to account, and although I'm not quite done yet, I wanted you all to play what I've been doing. Since scores are in and I ranked moderately well, I take it no one will mind if I remove the web version of the jam game. This ought to allow people to always play the most recent version. 

 I have autumn colors now. I bone headedly colored my trees green, not thinking that I need to have actual autumn colors. Cause... trees are green right?  I also add toggle ability to the  clock so that it can be 12 hours instead of 24 hour. It was one of the first features I implemented but didn't expose to the players. There's a hefty list of things so here they are as I can remember them.

While I added instructions screen, you press any key to make them go away. Which means if you press any key during the transition it currently skips the instructions. I'm working on fixing this. I just wanted to get these fresh changes out before I forgot what I've done. 

List of updates I can remember off the top of my head:

  • Autumn trees (no longer green trees)
  • Exclamation points over some items that are kind of hidden
  • Fixed fishing glitch where the color didn't reset
  • Added instructions! 🎵YAY🎵 (They're still buggy but... I have them in)
  • Added the ability to toggle between a 24 hour and 12 hour clock. 
  • Added the ability to set the seed, to give the player a world they can remember.
  • Fixed the scaling on the title screen.

This is my first(I think) time trying itch's blog system, so. If you're getting spammed with updates. I'm sorry. 😔


Welcome To Urf Desktop (Jam Version) 36 MB
Sep 23, 2022
WelcomeToUrf_Build7.zip 19 MB
Oct 02, 2022

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