Actionmart in the Awesomemart: Starring Action Matt

Or “Actionmart” for short.

Big time influencer Action Matt is heading to the Awesomemart to grab some stuff during the zombie apocalypse. No one ever thinks to go to a super store during one of those, right? We going to get big views this time around as we stock up on bullets, food and batteries… as soon as Matt remembers he didn’t bring a backpack.


Use WASD or Arrow keys to move
Aim with the mouse
Spacebar interacts with item Matt is facing
Backspace brings up the pause menu
Shift sneaks


The ammo is located in a green box in the lower left corner of the superstore.
The burgers are found in the right area of the superstore.
The emergency lights are found in the upper middle yellow area.


Game Design: MrTroy & Kyle Murdock
Audio: Kyle Murdock
Art & Programming: MrTroy

Development log


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